We are in the very early stages. "One day it will be Pohatcong Native Arboretum & Sculpture Park. "The arboretum is always expanding."

For the Love of Plants and People. Sugar Maple slab. 2014

Metamorphic Conglomerate Rock. Local stone from one billion year old mountain. Harvested 2002.

Snapper. Wood from uprooted tree stump. 2012

Johansen, Garwood, NJ. Steel pick up truck door found on farm property at current arboretum location. Circa 1958. (Temporary)

Eye Hook. Wrought iron and concrete. 2018

The Big OK. Detail. Resistant evergreen conifer driftwood brought back from Maine. 1997

Seven Native Stones. Harvested from the glacial terminal moraine along the Pequest River at Island Park. 2017 (Temporary)

Cast of Characters Forgotten. Black walnut driftwood weathered in Pohatcong Creek. October 2018 (Temporary)