Arboretum & the Arts

Pohatcong Native Arboretum's design is inspired from being in tune with nature, the mountain, the valley, and the river.

Stunning multi-stem shrubs and understory trees on beds of glacial stones

The Avenue of Plants - The native woody plant collection was arduously researched and assembled starting back in 2002, tripled with a succession of five plantings from fall 2011 to fall 2013, and subsequently labelled.

Foot Brigde over Pohatcong Creek by Cshee. Oil on canvas. En plien air. 2014

Pohatcong Creek flows 30 miles through scenic Warren County to the Delaware River. Its watershed encompasses 58 square miles. Pohatcong translates to "Mountain Splitting Stream." The valley may have been referred to as "Beautiful Place Between Hills."

Black Cherry, Boxelder Maple, American Elm, and in the foreground, Sweetbay Magnolia

Dogwood Knoll - Mase Family Corner

Wetland section of the arboretum

Washington, New Jersey in 1840 painted by Lee Cressman

The town's arboretum was completed 180 years later at Round Top Mountain.

Anodized aluminum ID plaques on stainless steel posts

Witch Hazel and Hydrangea Families

All plants are native to New Jersey

The arboretum is nestled in the steep ridges of northwest New Jersey. The Garden State has plentiful rainfall and is at the intersection of northern and southern geographic ranges resulting in forests with an incredible diversity of plant species.

Round Top Mountain section of Pohatcong Mountain in the New Jersey Highlands region. Summer 2014.

Bowerstown, A Morris Canal Port. May 2014. First exhibit at the log cabin gallery in 20 years!

Bowerstown Morrris Canal Historic District is located one half mile away at intersection of Bowerstown and Plane Hill Roads.

Happy Maples and Pine Needles by Cshee. Watercolor on cut paper with pine needles. A wonderful exhibition by regional artists on themes of the Robert Rush Memorial Cabin, Pohatcong Creek, and Pohatcong Native Arboretum opened in September 2014.